Sunday, 14 August 2016

And another New Adventure

Well hello my lovelies ,Its been ages since I have done any blogging. I am moving to this blog as I can't get into my Rosebudsnribbons blog to post anything , although you can still browse all my old cards
Well to keep you all up to date ,Im no further with my soaps yet ! just because its about £500 to get my soaps ,bath bombs and body creams assessed ,boy is that a lot of things to make and sell to get my money back ! so thats on hold for a bit.
My New Adventure !!!!!!! its somethings I have always wanted to do , Parchment Craft
I think this has to be one of the most elegant and beautiful things there is ,and I take my hat of to anyone who does it ,just works of art.
I put of buying the Groovi system as long as I could ,then one day I was looking at some amazing samples by the very talented and lovely Dee Paramour and that is how it all started about 8 weeks ago,
now I am Hooked!on Groovi ,but me being me wanted to find out more . I was invited to a workshop at Scarborough by Julie Wheatman meet some fab ladies and the lovely Susan Moran . Susan showed us some amazing things including how to use parchment grids to make a pattern and how to snip, that did it and I needed to learn more.
So I trawled the internet and found lots of info ,I was given an address to get in touch with a Pargamano Tutor the amazing Maggie Byford ,went to an all day class and the rest is History , Now I can't wait for the next session at Harrogate.
 just a few of my Parchment makes

My First Groovi Card Made at Scarborough Workshop

Getting in the Groovi

Groovi Baby

My first attempt at real Parching

Thanks for stopping by my blog would love you to follow me on my crafty adventures
 Take care and Happy Crafting


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  2. Stunning Sue, I do love parchment and just got back into it myself after many years. The Groovi reignited my love of parchment too.
    Linda xxx

  3. Lovely to see you blogging again. Your parchment craft is absolutely stunning. Fingers crossed that you can get the soap certification sorted too. xxx

  4. Stunning makes as ever and not surprised that this is your thing, youre such a talented little magpie. Hope you can get your soaps going, although it's a lot of money you'd probably make it back so quickly if you can do some fairs and things because they're amazing! xxx